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acupuncture EMN-140228-161020001
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This week marks British Acupuncture awareness week, which started on Monday, March 3, and runs until Monday, March 10.

This year the British Acupuncture Council wants to focus on one of the main reasons people come to see an acupuncturist, LOWER BACK PAIN.

Are you one of the 1.1 million people who suffer with back pain each year?

If so, professional dancer, Camilla Dallerup from BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing has a suggestion for you.

You can see and hear what she has to say about it on

In a nutshell acupuncture is aimed at the symptoms as well as the root cause of your pain.

It is no longer a fad treatment for the rich and famous with 2.3 million treatments taking place annually in clinics and hospitals all over the country. It is recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for some very serious conditions too.

Acupuncture for low back pain will give pain relief, reduce inflammation and stiffness and improve overall joint mobility.

It has been found to be a cost effective treatment over the long term especially if you keep exercising.

You can read more at and specifically about the NICE clinical guidelines for low back pain at

Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk to an Acupuncturist for further information or with a specific question in mind, then contact me, Tina King, your local British Acupuncture Council member who would be happy to discuss things with you in the clinic or over the telephone.

I can be contacted at The Wellhead Practice on 01778 392832 or via my Facebook page by searching for Tina King acupuncture.

- Acupuncture Awareness Week is supported by the British Acupuncture Council and aims to better inform people about the ancient practice of traditional acupuncture. With 2.3 million acupuncture treatments carried out each year, acupuncture is one of the most complementary therapies practised in the UK today. Yet despite its widely recognised health benefits many people only discover acupuncture as a last resort.