Your News: Three Counties Dog Rescue has achieved a lot but there is more to do

Tia after operation
Tia after operation

The end of the year is a traditional time to look back at what we have achieved and forward to what we would like in 2014.

We have found homes for 156 dogs and cats this year but still battle against the tide. We were delighted to find a home at last for Dolly, a white boxer, who was our longest resident at the kennels. It was a year when we had more than our fair share of animals coming to us with major physical ailments. The story of Tia, pictured, is on our website but we were especially proud that, together with Burghley Vets, we have returned her to full health and she is now living with me. Our website also underwent a revamp and we are indebted to New College Stamford for their help with this.

So what are my wishes for the year ahead? It goes without saying that I wish for lots more good homes but also more people happy to foster a dog for us and more fundraising helpers. I wish that everyone would get their dogs and cats neutered. I wish that owners would always keep a collar and disc on their dogs with contact details kept up to date.

I wish that owners could see the risks involved in using extending leads. The loss of control when fully extended has led to more than one tragedy with dogs running into the road. I wish that Staffies could shed their tabloid image and be recognised for the lovable pets they make. I wish for a win on the lottery so that we can secure the long term future of Three Counties.

Finally I wish a merry Christmas to all who supported us through the year and thank you for your generosity. There is still time to make a donation this year through the options on our website.