Your News: Scrapheap challenge at Bourne Baptist Church

Bourne Baptist Church Scrapheap Challenge
Bourne Baptist Church Scrapheap Challenge

A Scrap Heap Challenge event took place last Saturday at Bourne Baptist Church.

Given only two and a half hours the teams from Bourne and Morton had to build a device that 
projected a ball from one to six metres.

Each team received an identical box of materials and objects and then were also allowed to go and get extra items and materials from a scrap heap provided.

There were several work benches and a range of tools for the contestants to use. 

The teams got marked on creative inventiveness of their device, that it worked, additional marks for adding a trigger device and finally for producing a ranging scale so given a distance at random they could hit the target set at that distance.

The winning team was the Parker family from Morton.

David Grikis who organised the event would like to specially thank Vic Billitt, Chris Neal and Steve Roberts , who manned the work benches and kept an eye on the safe use of the tools.

David Grikis is planning three more Scrap Heap Challenges during the next three months.