Your News: Inner Wheel’s garden gifts

Bourne Inner wheel club EMN-141006-181513001
Bourne Inner wheel club EMN-141006-181513001

Inner Wheel celebrates its 90th Anniversary this year and the National President, Gill Rowley, challenged each of the 730 Clubs in the Country to embark upon a Wheels Project, i.e. do something that involved ‘wheels’.

Bourne Club decided to donate wheelbarrows to the local Primary Schools that had a garden.

In conjunction with Branch Bros. of Bourne the Club purchased wheel barrows, Mr Branch donated one barrow to the cause, and these were recently presented to five of the local Primary Schools.

The photograph shows children from the Westfield Primary Academy, Bourne Abbey Church of England Primary Academy, Morton Church of England (Controlled) Primary School Thurlby Community School and Willoughby School receiving the barrows at Branch Bros.