Your News: Improving wellbeing and safety at home is our focus

Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

For the members of our community who are older, live with a disability or have other health challenges, there’s little more important than feeling independent, supported and safe at home.

Likewise, families and carers need peace of mind that you’re OK and that you have access to help if it’s needed. It also makes life easier if the support services are available in one place.

So I’m really pleased to see the launch of the new Wellbeing Service this month, which will provide a ‘prevention and response’ service. Designed and funded by the county council, it will be delivered in our district by the Lincolnshire Independent Living Partnership. As an added bonus, having previously supported just those in sheltered housing, it will now be available to all adults through a single assessment.

A variety of discreet and simple-to-use technology and sensors in the home will help prevent problems and alert assistance if something does happen. Of course, no-one wants to end up in A and E, hospital or residential care as a result of things going wrong at home, nor do we want to stay there longer than we need to, and it’s this that the Wellbeing Service aims to minimise. If issues do arise though, it will provide personalised support and advice on regaining your independence. Minor home adaptations such as grab rails are available too.

In South Kesteven, one topic of recent confusion and concern has been the ending of the wardens provision. The new Wellbeing Service doesn’t necessarily replace wardens, as is demonstrated in other districts where warden schemes in different forms still exist.

A decision has to be made by SKDC, rather than the county council, about wardens and I’m sure they will want to do whatever is in the best interest of their residents.

In the meantime, for those concerned about a loss of face-to-face contact, I want to offer some reassurances. The new Wellbeing Service will still provide face-to-face assistance through assessments, responders for non-critical emergencies and for periods of support to get you back on your feet if you’ve had any difficulties. The response to alarm calls will also now be 24/7.

There have also been local queries about when assessments will take place. Those at the highest risk have already been seen and everyone else is being assessed each day in a priority order, which is constantly being updated.

We expect to have assessed everyone’s needs in the next few weeks.

If any of you have questions or concerns, no matter how big or small, please do feel free to get in touch with me on 01778 571153 or e-mail