Your News: Help your dog get fitter

Westie. Copyright of Karen Wild
Westie. Copyright of Karen Wild
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The easiest New Year’s resolutions are the ones we keep, so here are a few New Year’s suggestions for making our local dogs (and hopefully us, too) happier and fitter. Check you are both healthy before you start, and don’t forget to provide water!

- Find a new walk locally. We are very lucky here to have a bit of everything for dog walking. Our local woods can be a favourite for lots of dog walkers but have you looked further afield? Start a dog walking ‘project’ and plan for some new routes. It will make the dog walks more appealing and fun, and encourage you out in all weathers.

- A march round the block can still be fun as your dog checks all the scents on offer, so add a different twist by going round the other way, or occasionally allowing your dog to dictate how long he takes over his walk.

As long as he is not actively getting into mischief, let him investigate smells for as long as he wants (or as long as you can stand). It’s not all about a high-speed workout.

- Why not try this game from my friend and client Jackie Wren, who is Davina McCall’s personal trainer and stars in her fitness videos? Ball chase race: 

Pick a landmark - tree, rock and stand about 10 feet away from it.

Throw your dog’s toy away from the landmark so that he chases the toy. Quickly turn and run to the landmark, calling your dog back as you do so, and try to get there before your dog does! Repeat a few times, then rest.

Happy and healthy New Year, all!