Your News: Charities can benefit through you making a Will


New Year is traditionally a time for making resolutions and getting your affairs in order. Many people have not made a will despite having dependants who could be left to resolve the potential complications after they are gone. So your first resolution should be "make a will". It is not expensive to do so.

Many people decide to leave some or all of their money to a Charity, usually to a cause dear to their hearts but sometimes because there is no-one else to leave it to and it would otherwise end up with the Government. As a Charity we are advised that legacy giving (money left in a will) is the most effective means of fundraising. So I thought I would trawl the accounts of some well known animal charities to see what sort of annual income they receive from this source. Quite an eye opener.

Not all the information was up to date but this is what I found:-

Wood Green Animal Centre (2010) £5million; Battersea Dogs Home (2012) £16million: Dogs Trust (2011) £18.5million; Guide Dogs for the Blind (2012) £34million; and the "top dog" RSPCA (2012) £67million.

A fraction of these amounts would go a long way towards sustaining the work of Three Counties so when you are putting your affairs in order and making your will, spare a thought for us and our work.

Unlike some that advertise on TV, Three Counties looks after dogs and cats homed by us throughout their lives without requesting further payment. However we are also asked to take in other animals, often without a donation, when the owner has died and the family are unable or unwilling to provide for them. We have a form you can complete to let people know that Three Counties will take their dog or cat in the event of their death.

If you would like one you can contact us at