Your News: Back in time to Victorian School Days

Pupils from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy visit Stibbington. Katie Bunting
Pupils from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy visit Stibbington. Katie Bunting
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On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th November Year 5 travelled back in time with a trip to Stibbington Education Centre.

It was an early start for all involved as the children arrived at school at 8:15, dressed a little differently to normal. As the children filtered through the gates, there were a few giggles as they realised how different a mop cap and pinafore, flat cap and waistcoat are to a blue sweatshirt.

So it was from the beginning of the visit that the children were in a role as one of the ‘Stibbington pupils’ from 1896. Throughout the day, they learned about family trees and how families changed through census data from 1891 and 1901. Some of the children were astounded to see the number of brothers and sisters they might have had if they had lived in Victorian times!

By far the most popular part of the trip was the lesson in a Victorian classroom, using slates, ink pens and facing some harsh punishments! The children quickly discovered how difficult it is not to blot the page with ink. All of the children enjoyed the day.

“We were able to experience what it would have been like back then, not just learn about it from books and films. It made it so real,” explained Mia and Rebecca.

It was a wonderful day which will enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding of the Victorian’s as we continue to learn more about this amazing time in the history of our country.