Your News: A grand name for a grand dog

Woodford EMN-140826-122629001
Woodford EMN-140826-122629001
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Hello folks. I have the rather grand name of Woodford.

I am only two years old and as you can see I can’t make up my mind whether I should be a Labrador with short legs or a Bassett Hound with a Labrador body. When my previous owners had to move, as their landlord was selling the house, they couldn’t take me or my great friend Brogue with them. Fortunately Three Counties have taken us under their wing.

Brogue is a lovely chocolate brown and white Collie cross. We have lived happily with very young children and are very sweet and obedient. Despite our upsets my long tail never stops wagging.

If you could give me and my friend Brogue a home we would be so grateful. Please give Gyll Mauchline a call on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792 (between 9am and 6pm) or go to