Gyll Mauchline: Puppies at Christmas – busting the common myth

Gyll Mauchline with Blue
Gyll Mauchline with Blue
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“I expect you will be really busy after Christmas taking in dogs that were unwanted Christmas presents.”

A common misconception as far as Three Counties Dog Rescue is concerned. We are far busier in the pre-Christmas period with phone calls daily from people wanting to part with unwanted animals that present unwanted complications associated with going away or the family coming to stay.

Some re-homing Centres will not let dogs go in the run up to Christmas. At Three Counties we have no such embargo; we just apply our normal rigorous process to ensure that the dog will end up in a permanent and loving home.

Thinking of owning a dog at Christmas or any other time - what should you consider first?

To begin with don’t go out and buy a dog from a breeder with so many unwanted dogs in Rescue Centres looking for good homes. Three Counties re-homes around 150 unwanted animals every year, mostly the results of irresponsible breeding and ownership; the majority from Bourne, Deeping and Stamford.

Puppies requires infinite patience and understanding and need twenty four hour attention. A bored puppy can be very destructive, will need feeding 3 to 4 times a day and needs time to be house trained. Be prepared to accept accidents. If you have young children, puppies are not a good idea.

Should the prospect of owning a puppy seem too daunting why not consider giving a home to one of our many dogs that are past immediate puppyhood and have lots of love waiting to give? You can teach a dog new tricks at any age. You could also consider fostering one of our dogs for a period - maybe whilst you are home over Christmas and the New Year.

If you are interested in owning or fostering a Three Counties Dog call me on 01778 440318 or 077085 89792 or see